This question can be answered by you knowing yourself. Read the descriptions below and see which oneyou most relate to.  

Small Group Transformation ( Training) : I do not do my best in a large group of people, but I do not like working out alone. I am not quite ready to go into mainstream group fitness classes. I need more individualized attention from a transformation specialist ( I feel like I get lost in group fitness classes) . I need help and accountability when it comes to what I eat. I am interested in using more specialized equipment that are not offered in traditional group fitness formats. I want to learn more about exercise and nutrition.  I need the support of a small group of like-minded people who i will interact with on the weekly bases. 



Personal Transformation ( Training): I have specific goals that need to be met within a certain time frame. I struggle with consistency and need a high level of accountability. I need to learn more about or basic fundamentals of nutrition and exercise. I just got released from physical therapy and have not been cleared or are not ready for mainstream exercise. I need a personalized program developed specifically for my goals. I need flexibilty with times that I can workout. 

Group Fitness:I'm generally healthy. I am somewhat familiar with exercise. I do not like working out by myself. I do not need much individualized attention. I feel I can reach my goals and push myself in a large group setting as long as the class is challenging, effective, and the instructor is motivating, encouraging and personable.


 At PowerHouse Performance Training we believe that one of the main keys to success when implementing a lifestyle change is to surround yourself with people who genuinely want you to succeed.  We  take a personal interest in every participant that walks through our door and are truly invested in their success by offering quality  body transforming small group training or one : one personal transformations sessions. We offer a variety of different programs  depending on your needs, that can help you reach your goals.