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what is a powerhouse?


Our definition of a powerhouse is a person who summons the strength within to achieve the outward obstacle.  

Our Philosophy:

We believethat health and fitness is a lifestyle and by treating it as such, will make  adherence ​(ability to stick with it) possible.

We don’t believe fitness is black and white.

we don't believe in quick fixes.

we believe  that challenging can be fun. 

we believe that you can achieve success by listening to your body.

Our goals:

our participants about nutrition and fitness in order to increase their adherence to a healthy lifestyle 

empowerour participants to believe that they are capable of being healthy and achieving their goals

equip our participantswith the tools that they need to be successful in their health and fitness journey
 ( effective body transforming classes, nutritional education)

expandyour beliefs about what you think you can accomplish!!

You can do this!! 

Why PowerHouse Performance Training?  

With PowerHouse Performance Training every participate can rest assured that when they attend a class or sign up for a program , they are receiving  quality instruction from a skilled, competent, knowledgeable, engaging,  motivating instructor; who genuinely wants to see them succeed. participants can expect a fun, challenging, and effective class, that when they walk away they will KNOW that “they got their workout in”